Научно-образовательный центр LG-Политехник

Кафедра "Информационная безопасность компьютерных систем"Кафедра ИБКС вносит свой вклад в решение важных научных, экономических и социальных задач России. Мы ведем обучение по программам высшего профессионального образования в области безопасности информации.

Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University and LG Electronics Inc. tending to achieve mutually beneficial productive collaboration have decided to found a common Research and Educational Centre - LGPolyREC (on the basis of CSIS department). It is aimed for developing simultaneous innovation projects. The second aim is to teach SPbPU students for further employment in the company.

We pedestal searching and preparing mobile technologies specialists as one of our priority missions. The best of those professionals will later be capable to employ in LG Electronics Russia (Resource and Development Centre). That is the department of LG Electronics in Russia.

Considering that, LGPolyREC performs the further activities:

  • Searching and educating mobile technologies experts in accordance with LGE Russia R&D Centre activity field.
  • Familiarizing SPbPU students with LG Corporation;
  • Carrying on employment competitions among high course SPbPU students;
  • Basic education of SPbPU students; LGE Russia R&D Centre personnel and Korean students' qualification improvement or reeducation;
  • Carrying on scientific researches in the context of LGE innovation programs;
  • Fulfillment of project, construction and outsoring works for LGE Russia R&D Centre.

LG electronics renders comprehensive assistance to LGPolyREC science and studying activities. It is done under international program of collaboration with universities. This centre is meant to assist in rising SPbPU researches professionality level and education process improvement. We are performing efforts to bring the sphere of mobile technologies and allied sciences in accordance to worldwide standards.

LG Electronics is always striving not only to adequate to modern realities, but also to peek in the future. This means that the company is concerned not only about making money, but also about its employees. Our centre gives to capable people a chance to become a part of the team.


Recent News

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Website Renovation

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