Научно-образовательный центр LG-Политехник

About branch office of LG Electronics Inc. in St. Petersburg

Branch office of LG Electronics Inc. in St. Petersburg — central legation of South-Korean corporation LG in the CIS. It is in direct dependency to Overseas R&D department of LG Electronics Inc. The laboratory was founded in 1997 for carrying complicated software development jobs for companies embodied in LG.

Nowadays branch office of LG Electronics Inc. performs numerous orderings from other LG departments.

Directions of our soft- and hardware elaborations:

  • Automatic projecting systems and software for modeling optical, electrical and mechanical devices and systems
  • Analyzing thermal processes
  • Software for modeling electronic ray tubes for kinescopes
  • All kinds of tasks using global automation tasks
  • DSP
  • Digital watermarking
  • Automated analysis, classification and indexing audio
  • Vocoders
  • Noise-immunity video signal coding
  • Channel coding
  • Video and audio compression
  • Real tie control systems (including distributed)
  • Failsafe control systems
  • Visual modeling and inbuilt systems and protocols software generation
  • Compilers development
  • Software with XML support
  • Internet technologies
  • AI systems software
  • Developing and producing high accuracy optical systems
  • 3D displays and imaging systems
  • 3D imaging systems for flight imitators
  • 3D imaging systems for spacial manipulators control
  • Medical/surgery 3D mapping systems

For completing constantly growing amount of booked orders we regularly engage new employees. We also often seek specialist for South-Korean LG departments. Some of our tasks can be solved through carrying front-end orders (by organizations or individuals) on own territory.

The list of open vacancies and demands for candidates can be found on the page «Vacancies». CV example can also be found there.