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The aim of LGPolyREC is preparing high qualified specialists in the mobile technologies sphere.

LGPolyREC study programs and «Security of software of mobile systems» specialization courses are made using special analysis results. The analysis was made upon the real demands to recent and planned projects executors on the base of LGE Russia R&D Centre statistics.

LGE Russia R&D Centre lays stress on the preparation of qualified specialists and gives preference to LGPolyREC graduates when employing.

During tuition LGPolyREС students get all needed attainments, skills and experience. This makes our graduates capable of obtaining key positions in LGE Russia R&D Centre.

In LG PolyREС students and postgraduates acqire the unique possibility to register educating process and scientific researches. The also participate in real LGE Russia R&D Centre projects with solid payments.

Moreover, LGE Russia R&D Centre invites postgraduates specializing in information technologies to participate in competition for LG Electronics grant ($200 monthly during one year). Condition of getting grant is monthly report about planned and done work. We also expect candidates to patricipate in LGE Russia R&D Centre projects with extra ayment possibilities.