Научно-образовательный центр LG-Политехник


Memorandum of understanding

(By and between LG Electronics Inc. and Saint-Petersburg State Polytechnic University)

The Memorandum of Understanding (hereinafter referred to as “MOU”) is made and entered into by and between LG Electronics Inc., a Korean corporation, having its principal place of business at Twin Towers, 20 Yoido-dong, Youngdungpo-gu, Seoul, 150-721, the Republic of Korea (hereinafter referred to as “LGE”) of the one party and Saint-Petersburg State Polytechnic University, having its principal place at 29, uliza Politehnicheskaya, Saint-Petersburg, Russia, (hereinafter referred to as “SPbSPU”) on the other part. LGE and SPbSPU are hereinafter individually referred to as “Party” and collectively as “Parties”.


Whereas, LGE and SPbSPU desires to cooperate with each other to contribute to mutual interest in co-development by collaborating their respective technologies and business know-how and to LGE’s secure of the human resources in the SPbSPU (“Purpose”);

Whereas, for said Purpose Parties have discussed and agreed to establish LGPolyREC (as defined below);

NOW, THEREFORE, in consideration of the mutual covenants and promises contained herein, the Parties contract and agree to the terms and conditions recorded herein by way of this MoU as follows:


LGE and SPbSPU agree to establish the LG-Polytechnic Research and Educational Centre (hereinafter referred to as LGPolyREC) in the Computer Systems Security Department of SPbSPU.


The main target of the LGPolyREC is the training of the professional staff, specialized in the Mobile Handset Technologies, for LG SoftLab, which is LGE’s laboratory in Russia. Having this goal, LGPolyREC will provide the following activities to:

  • graduate the high-qualified specialists in the Mobile Handset Technologies within the LG SoftLab educational profile;
  • promote LGE to the students of SPbSPU;
  • guide the graduating students for LGE and to cooperate with LGE for its recruiting;
  • train and retrain the personnel of LG-Soft Lab, the students from Korean universities and the staff from LGE;
  • provide the scientific researches for LGE;
  • accomplish the outsource projects for LGE.


SPbSPU shall:

  • organize the tailor-made education program for LG Soft Lab (“Education Program”), which will be organized for SPbSPU’s students to acquire certain ability to work for the LG Soft Lab;
  • organize the process of said Education Program to be performed by LGPolyREC;
  • organize the Education Program to consist in the specialization curriculum of “Software Development for Mobile Handset” as necessary for LG Soft Lab. Said specialization curriculum includes the special profile courses, adjusted with LG Soft Lab. SPbSPU shall cause LGPolyREC to cultivate around ten (10) specialists of said ability per year through the Education Program; and
  • organize the “Mobile Handset” classes for the students of Technical Cybernetics Faculty, of which audience is approximately two hundred (200) students per year. After these classes, SPbSPU shall do best efforts that the candidates casting will be provided for the LG Soft Lab.

LGE shall:

  • fund to SPbSPU the renovation expense of the LGPolyREC auditorium and supplies all needed computer, network, and demonstration equipments, within the limit of mutually agreed budget amount.
  • fund the development of special courses, the LGPolyREC maintenance expenses, including salary for the staff of the LGPolyREC comprised of the chief manager, system administrator, lecturers and instructors, within the limit of mutually agreed budget amount.
  • fund the research program of LGPolyREC.


LGE and SPbSPU agree to proceed the LGPolyREC organization including the auditorium renovation, equipment supplement, and maintenance, to claim the specialization “Software Development for Mobile Handset” based on the mutual agreement by both parties.


The parties authorize the following persons to implement this MOU and set them responsible in all further contacts and coordination:
From the LGE party — Chernenko V. G., Lab. Manager of LG-SoftLab;
From the SPbSPU party — Prof. Zegzhda P. D., Head of Computer Systems Security Department.