Научно-образовательный центр LG-Политехник


The Centre carries on following activities:

  • methodical efforts;
  • science researches;
  • information support for IT-chairs and departments and other faculties.

Methodical and educational efforts include:

  • wide rising and extanding a personal quality level of knowledge in the sphere of mobile technologies and security;
  • carrying on special mobile security and programming seminars propogating Russian department of LGE recommendation;
  • supporting of preparation of the methodical materials  for faster current mobile computer technologies digesting;
  • corporative support of the industrial-based study practice and pre-diploma practice for students and postgraduate students.

Science researches include:

  • developing new research solutions in the field of security and application software products;
  • holding works on science explorations for international scientific programs;
  • studying transboundary experience of developing mobile technologies and software.