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The Centre carries on following activities:

  • methodical and educational efforts;
  • science researches;
  • information support for ICC departments and other faculties.

Methodical and educational efforts include:

  • developing study plans and «Security of software of mobile systems» specialization courses;
  • educating students on «Security of software of mobile systems» differentiation in the context of 10.05.01 «Computer security» specialization;
  • developing new facultative courses, that help to rise personnel quality level in the sphere of mobile technologies and security;
  • carrying on special mobile security and programming courses for the whole faculty;
  • reeducation, qualification rising and approval for SPbPU professors;
  • educating personnel of other companies or organizations after Russian department of LGE recommendation;
  • preparing handbooks and methodical education guides for faster current mobile computer technologies digesting.

Science researches include:

  • developing new solutions in the region of security and system or application level software products for modern operation systems;
  • holding works on science explorations for state, interuniversity and international scientific programs;
  • studying transboundary experience of developing mobile technologies and software.